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Dave Goodin, The Texas Shredder returns; Better Than Ever »

Dave Goodin, the "Texas Shredder" has turned 50 and isn’t letting anything stop him. Dave Goodin brings good news from "there" for all of us. You can look great, feel great and still age naturally-well. But you’ve got to be smart! So, what is Dave’s secret? What has he learned about his changing body? How has […]

Rich Fitter of the WNBF/INBF and Natural Body Building & Fitness Magazine »

It’s a very special day as John Hansen embarks on his second year of broadcasting Natural Bodybuilding Radio (nbbr)! John welcomes a great friend and colleague as his new co-host, natural bodybuilder and competitor Mike Neumann; followed by special guest, Rich Fitter. In our First Segment we get a chance to learn about Mike and […]

The Ultimate Body TV Show with Producer Dave Lyons »

Nothing entertains America more than "Reality TV", right? So we can think of no better way to let the American public see just what Natural Bodybuilding is all about than to announce the next big REALITY TV SHOW, dedicated to watching a crew of men and ladies battle it out, while building their bodies naturally, […]

Natural Champion and Sports Nutrition Expert Lee Labrada »

John’s special guest is Lee Labrada, a former IFBB professional bodybuilder winning 22 major titles and a former Mr. Olympia competitor, published author and current CEOLabrada Nutrition. Labrada was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004. Find out what drove Lee Labrada to work so hard; how he feels about being a natural […]

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