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Beyond Limits Gym & Hell Raiser Training Go To The Arnold »

This week on Natural Bodybuilding Radio, hosts John Hansen and Mike Neumann get ready for this weekend's big Arnold Classic event in Columbus, Ohio by welcoming two sets of guests. First up is WNBF pro Rich Lauro, also the owner of Beyond Limits Gym in Columbus, Ohio. Rich and top WNBF pro Toni West will […]

The Top 10 Events of 2010 In Natural Bodybuilding »

Check out Natural Bodybuilding Radio this week as hosts John Hansen and Mike Neumann bring in the New Year with a review of the Major Events in the Natural Bodybuilding world during 2010. John and Mike discuss their Top 10 Events that took place in 2010 including major competitors, surprise contest decisions, drug-testing policies and […]

Tommy Jeffers, IFPA Pro Bodybuilder »

Today, hosts John Hansen and Mike Newmann welcome IFPA Pro Bodybuilder Tommy Jeffers. Tommy has just come off an eye-opening, intense 7-month session working with Trainer and fellow natural bodybuilder Lane Norton, preparing for his next big tournament. He can't help but want to place well above his mentor who will be competing alongside him. […]

FAME World Tour: Jason Powell & Jeff Kipple »

FAME World Tour expands and announces Co-President of FAME USA: Jason Powell  talks with John Hansen and Jeff Kipple about bodybuilding, nutrition and the future plans with Fame.  Jason Powell                                          Jeffery Kipple & Mindy  

The Diet Doc, Dr. Joe Klemczewski »

Can you step it up to the next level? What’s it gonna take to get your "pro-card"? What changes will you have to make to be your very best? Will you have to resort to steroids or other questionable, dangerous means? Dr. Joe Klemczewski, world renowned as "The Diet Doc" has successfully trained and helped […]

Bodybuilding dot com’s Editor in Chief, Kris Gethin »

Millions of regular visitors keep "" one of the busiest and most popular sites on the web.  Editor-in-Chief for Internet Content, Kris Gethin is John’s special guest today. Kris started young in his fascination for bodybuilding and has been around the world as a writer, editor, bodybuilder, trainer and publisher. Kris has seen his own […]

Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors – Trainer and Author Randy Roach »

David Epstein of Sports Illustrated has endorsed it. Testimonials are flying in from sports enthusiasts, trainers, body builders and the general public. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hand-delivered a copy. After all, he’s mentioned, with more to come in Volume II. What’s all the shouting about? Volume I of Randy Roach’s  book, “Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors”; […]

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