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Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors – Trainer and Author Randy Roach »

David Epstein of Sports Illustrated has endorsed it. Testimonials are flying in from sports enthusiasts, trainers, body builders and the general public. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hand-delivered a copy. After all, he’s mentioned, with more to come in Volume II. What’s all the shouting about? Volume I of Randy Roach’s  book, “Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors”; […]

Natural Ripped Bodybuilder Jon Harris »

Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Jon Harris from the UK is John’s Special Guest this week. First, though, John welcomes back Alex from Optimum Nutrition to unveil a new product added to Optimum’s growing line of Natural Supplements. Optimum’s new Gold Standard Natural 100% Caseine is quickly becoming a favorite of bodybuilders for its great taste and […]

The INBA with President Lorenzo Gaspar, Sports Model Jodi Tiahrt, and Australian Officials Wayne McDonald and Jason Woodforth »

It’s a fast-paced series of personalities, promoters and fitness Experts as John welcomes INBA U.S. President Lorenzo Gaspar; winning sports-model Jodi Tiahrt;  Wayne McDonald, head of the INBA in Australia, and INBA World Vice-President; and Jason Woodforth, promoter for the upcoming 2009 Natural Olympia in Australia. What about blood testing versus urine testing for natural […]

Jerry Brainum: Part 2, Nutrition Supplements; the good, the bad, the ineffective »

Nutrition Expert, author, and speaker Jerry Brainum returns to Natural Body Building Radio and explores Nutrition Supplements in depth with host John Hansen. What forms are Creatine are best; which are actually bad for you? What about fat burners like Green Tea ? What about Testosterone Boosters; and products like Yohimbe, DHEA, Oleic Acid, fish-oils, […]

Nutrition Advisor to the Champions, Jerry Brainum: Part 1, Steroids »

John Hansen welcomes Nutrition Expert, Jerry Brainum and Optimum Nutrition’s Alex who reports on Optimum’s product, “Oats and Whey”, combing two of the bodybuilder’s favorite foods; Oats for complex carbs; and Whey as an excellent source of quick protein. This is Part-1 of a 2-part series with Nutrition Expert, Jerry Brainum, who, this week gets […]

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