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Mr. Natural Olympia Champion Kiyoshi Moody Returns! » Play in new window | Download

UCW Radio Interviews Natural Mr. Olympia John Hansen »

John Hansen is interviewed on the UCW Radio Show. Check out UCW Radio here!

From March 2005: John Introduces his Book, “Natural Bodybuilding” »

Interview from Dave DePew’s Fitness and Nutrition Radio show featuring John Hansen as guest. This show dates back to March 7, 2005 and John talks about the state of Bodybuilding at that time, and introduces his book "Natural Bodybuilding".

Natural Champion and Sports Nutrition Expert Lee Labrada »

John’s special guest is Lee Labrada, a former IFBB professional bodybuilder winning 22 major titles and a former Mr. Olympia competitor, published author and current CEOLabrada Nutrition. Labrada was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2004. Find out what drove Lee Labrada to work so hard; how he feels about being a natural […]

John Hansen on WGN-TV »

 Natural Bodybuilding Radio’s host John Hansen recently appeared on WGN-TV in Chicago with several bodybuilders (guys and gals), figure models, and bikini models to demonstrate and talk about the sport.  

Chris Bell, Director of “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” »

“Is it still cheating if everyone is doing it”? That’s the question asked in the movie, “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, directed by Chris Bell, today’s special guest. Of course, we’re speaking about steroid use, and other performance enhancers; these days considered controversial at best, and illegal, dangerous, unethical, and/or tightly controlled by law at worst. Chris […]

Natural Ripped Bodybuilder Jon Harris »

Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Jon Harris from the UK is John’s Special Guest this week. First, though, John welcomes back Alex from Optimum Nutrition to unveil a new product added to Optimum’s growing line of Natural Supplements. Optimum’s new Gold Standard Natural 100% Caseine is quickly becoming a favorite of bodybuilders for its great taste and […]

Master’s Division Champion Competitor Murrell Hall »

Murrel Hall is John’s special guest on Christmas Eve. Murrell is still training and competing hard at age 67! Known for his dedication and rock-solid abs, Murrell is a Champion’s Champion. The online edition of the Illinois Herald Review had this to say about Murrell: Bodybuilding takes perseverance and patience in everyday training and the […]

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