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Natural Anabolics and MORE with Jerry Brainum

Jerry BrainumIron Man Magazine’s most popular writer, Jerry Brainum joins hosts John Hansen and Mike "Superhuman" Neumann for an unprecedented third appearance today on Natural Bodybuilding Radio with loads of new information and background on nutrition, supplementation, steroids, and more.

Ever wondered whether guys who’ve used steroids, then stop taking them still enjoy the benefits long after? How about guys who take massive amounts of protein…are they really doing themselves any good, or just flushing good money down the drain? What about the natural bodybuilder taking Growth Hormone…does it do him any good? What if he’s over 40?

These questions and many more are answered by the personable and knowledgeable nutrition writer, Jerry Brainum!Jerry Brainum's books, Natural Anabolics and Muscle Guru Interviews

Be sure to visit Jerry’s website where you can get your daily dose of great nutrition information. You can even check-out and buy Jerry’s new books, "Natural Anabolics" and "Muscle Guru Interviews"!



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